The Element Brand Group team has an industry-wide reputation for innovation, imagination and success. We have established ourselves as a trusted partner for some of the world's most prestigious companies and brands, bringing insider knowledge, media expertise and best practices to each client relationship to complement the in-house team.

From Mercedes Benz and The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, to Tiffany & Co. and Netflix, past and present client experiences laid the foundation for the drive and passion behind our work. We strive to continue pushing our diverse clients' messaging to the next level - through traditional PR, influencer programs, marketing initiatives, social/digital pushes and brand engagement.


Element builds a competitive analysis to determine the current standing in the consumer, lifestyle and entertainment spaces and how the brand is currently viewed by consumers. Element also works to forecast trends with an intuitive sense of what will go viral and reach both niche and mass consumers.


Element applies the insights to craft messaging around the brand that resonates both rationally with the press and emotionally with consumer. Our goal is to develop language that elevates the brand, remains consistent across all marketing and PR communications and aligns with the values of the branding on all fronts.


Element then matches the message to the various influencer targets in connection with key brand moments (new product launches, brand collaborations, special events, etc.). Element has extensive expertise in liaising with talent/industry influencers to maximize ROI of relationships through strategic layer-ins and execution.


Element leverages the influencers and ambassadors as megaphones to amplify the message to fit the medium - from traditional media relations tactics to engaging social media communications. When mapped out strategically, a social post combined with a media story surround the target with consistent and relevant messaging to drive your brand.


Element ideates and identifies like-minded brands, events and promotional activations that have the potential to amplify the brand's presence and reputation within the consumer, lifestyle and entertainment spaces. From short-term "pops" to long-term alignment, we ensure organic ways to connect the communications and brand dots.


Element produces the critical "IRL" experiences that bring brands to life for all communications constituents... consumers, celebrities and media, alike. The physical manifestation of a message can augment the launch, consistent drumbeat or culmination of a campaign.